Contemporary Art Chronicle

Volume 5 – Art as a language

November 2023

VOLUME 5: Art as a language

“Organized perception is what art is all about…It is a process, it has to do with a way of building a unified patter of seeing.”
Roy Lichtenstein

​Contemporary Art Chronicle is delighted to present VOLUME 5: Art as a language a group exhibition featuring works by eleven artists working across diverse mediums including painting, sculpture and installation.

VOLUME 5 showcase works by Beate Muench, Beth Caspar, Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher, David Mohr, Dennis Konijnenburg, John Holland, Margret Trimborn, Ori Aviram, Petra Schott, Samantha Malone and Vanessa Riera.

In this collective exhibition you will find Artists as an architect of images, signs and symbols creating their own language.

​VOLUME 5 features artists from Germany, United States, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Israel and Switzerland.

The artists embrace painting as a language to express the interaction of color and signs reflected with texture in multi-layered marks.

Contemporary Art Chronicle wishes to thank all the artists for participating in this online exhibition.