Reflections - Gruppenausstellung 03. - 30. Juni 2021

Gabriele Huesgen, Stefania Jantouris-Autering, Silvia Moritz, Annette Woelfel und Beate Münch

Galerie ZContemporary’s show „Reflections“ is highlighting favorite works from the artists‘ portfolio. As we all know, artists are going through a continuous development – their art practice is changing, new techniques are being tried, their style improves, develops, follows new creative paths.

Developing a new painting style can be a complicated, but also a deep and fun process, through which special creations emerge. Some of them are very close to the artist’s soul, some others are the springboard to a completely new artistic path. Some pieces are chapter-closing – others are like a reflection of the future.

Five gallery artists are presenting some of their key artworks, providing insights and explaining why these pieces are special to them.

The show is running on artsy and Kunstmatrix from June 3rd through June 30th.