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#EMERGING 10 July – 02 August 2019
International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano, Italy
Critics Review by Chiara Marin
„Where the hand goes, the eyes follow it.
Where the eyes look, there the mind goes.
Where the mind is places, there emotion is born there.
Where the emotion throbs, there the essence of art realizes itself.“
(From an Indian treatise written by Nandikeshvara regarding the art of acting and mime in the 2nd century b.C.)

We have often heard about „art therapy“, a common discipline in hospitals that has its originein the ancient Tradition of Tibetan Meditation. When Sensation fail and they are not able to emerge through words in everyday contexts, therefore making art is an excellent Antidote against sad Humor, misunderstanding, against the negative – and sometimes distorted – view of life. The purpose? Going in search of the deepest world, otherwise the central heart of all psychic activities that generates awareness of itself, in Freudian theory: Anyway, as art therapy is focused on the health of all people who participate the session, the art of the artist Beate Muench is also aimed at achieving a better condition, not only for who have the opportunity to observe her artworks, but also of who love to know material and colors of an emotion. An example is the artwork called „The sky is the limit“: it is  natural landscape where the blue of the sky and the green of the field are combined together, however, according to the idea of an internal conflict between different emotions. Indeed, the deep black and blue brushstrokes suggest hidden fears and tensions rooted in the human soul, while the lighter ones, green for example, recall a feeling of undoubted positivity. In this case, they are the visual representation of fear and hope, two complementary moods that each of us has experienced at least once in own life. Moreover, if we pay Attention to the title of this artwork, similarly to the sky, the canvas is also a limit for the artist: it seems that the landscape takes up space outside the sides of the picture and all the brushstrokes of color do not Limit themselves to the Surface, but seem to go on far beyond. And thus, the same theme seems to be treated also by the contemporary Artist Paresh Nrshing in „Amazonian Dream II“: in this artwork however, colors are spread on the canvas in a non-linear way. This indicates that the inner Energy is more perceived and even more revealed. In conclusion, the artist Beate Muench promotes joy, happiness and healing, capturing the movement and the energy, that she feels within herself to then share them with the rest of the world. And thus, through the creation of „The sky is the limit“, the artist wants to remind, in the ambiguity of the emotional sphere, we are not so different from each other.

Catalogue (pages 8 – 9)

80 x 60 x 2 cm Mixed Media auf Leinwand